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Culture Express
Hello everyone, I am Nefertari. Welcome to today's culture express.
刚才大家听到的歌曲是3月17日在中国上映的迪士尼新作Beauty and the beast的主题曲。女神Emma,精美的特效,经典的童话,成为了很多人观影的理由。不过我相信还有不少人是冲着大表哥Dan Stevens买下了电影票。So today's culture express, let's talk about Dan Stevens.
Dan Stevens is an English actor. He is best known for his roles as Matthew Crawley in the ITV period drama series Downton Abbey and as Beast in Walt Disney's live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. He also starred in films such as The Guest and A Walk Among the Tombstones.
Stevens was born in Croydon, London. He was adopted at birth, by parents who were both teachers, and grew up in Wales and southeast England. He has a younger brother who was also adopted. After a rebellious youth, Stevens boarded on a scholarship at Tonbridge School, an independent school in Kent. There he became interested in drama after auditioning for the title role in Macbeth with his teacher, novelist Jonathan Smith. From the age of 15, he spent his summers training and performing with the National Youth Theatre in London.
Stevens studied English Literature at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. While at Cambridge, he was a member of the Footlights with Tim Key and Mark Watson, and was also active in the Marlowe Society. He was first spotted by director Peter Hall at a Marlowe Society production of Macbeth, in which he played the title character alongside Hall's daughter.

1982年出生于伦敦的Dan Stevens被一对教师夫妇收养.之后,他靠奖学金上了汤布里奇男校,并在那里开始对表演产生兴趣。接着,Dan Stevens顺利进入剑桥大学伊曼纽尔学院修习英国文学。在剑桥,丹参加了脚灯社。同时,他还在大英国立青年剧院接受演艺培训。大一时丹被Peter Hall爵士选中,与爵士的女儿丽贝卡·豪尔在脚灯戏剧社出品的《麦克白》中同台共演。
In 2004, Stevens began his professional acting career when Peter Hall cast him as Orlando in his touring production of Shakespeare's As You Like It. The tour took the production to the Rose Theatre in Kingston upon Thames, the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City, the Curran Theatre in San Francisco, and the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles. His debut performance earned him glowing reviews from prominent critics in Britain and the United States, as well as a commendation at the 2004 Ian Charleson Awards.
In 2006, Stevens starred as Nick Guest in the BBC adaptation of Alan Hollinghurst's Booker Prize-winning novel The Line of Beauty. He also performed as Basil Brookes in the BBC Emmy-award-winning film, Maxwell. That same year, he was named one of Screen International's 2006 Stars Of Tomorrow.
In 2008, Stevens appeared in the BBC adaptation of Jane Austen's novel, Sense & Sensibility, playing Edward Ferrars. In 2010, Stevens got his biggest break when he was cast as Matthew Crawley in the ITV series Downton Abbey, created and written by Oscar-winning screenwriter Julian Fellowes. The series went on to be a global sensation, and has been nominated for several Emmy, , Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards since its debut. The central love story of Matthew Crawley and his distant cousin, Lady Mary Crawley, played by Michelle Dockery, was enormously popular. Stevens left the series after finishing the third season and the Christmas Special in 2012. His exit caused a huge uproar with fans, who notably took to Twitter and other social media sites to express their anger at the character's death.
In 2014, Stevens starred in the independent film The Guest, winning critical acclaim for his portrayal of a recently discharged army veteran who goes on a killing spree to protect his true identity. He earned a Saturn Award for Best Actor nomination for his performance. He played a simulacrum of Sir Lancelot in the 2014 comedy film Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.
In March 2015 it was announced that Stevens will play the Beast, opposite Emma Watson as Belle, in Disney's live-action remake adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. The film was released in March 2017.
In February 2016 Stevens was cast in the lead role of David Charles Haller in the FX series Legion, an X-Men-related drama created by Noah Hawley. The series began broadcast in February 2017, and in mid-March, also following critical acclaim, was renewed for a second season.

毕业之后,踏入影视圈的Dan Stevens,因为出众的古典气质,得到了不少年代剧的青睐。第一次挑大梁担任男主,是在2006年的迷你剧集《美丽曲线》中,扮演一名闯入上流社会的同志青年。2008年,Dan Stevens被BBC相中,出演《理智与情感》中的爱德华一角。
快成为年代剧专业户的Dan Stevens,终于在2009年迎来了事业的一次飞跃,他接演了《唐顿庄园》。这部戏骨荟萃,精致考究的剧集被誉为95版《傲慢与偏见》后最好的一部年代剧,光是重量级的艾美奖和金球奖就拿下了4座。
 2012年的12月25日,《唐顿庄园》播出了第三季的圣诞特辑,这一集令所有“唐顿迷”心碎。剧中第一男主角大表哥马修·克劳利出车祸死亡,永别该剧。作为人气角色,“大表哥”的此番离去令许多人无法接受。这个情节安排和Dan Stevens的决定密切相关,他不再与《唐顿庄园》续约,在2013年将工作重心转向舞台、电影和好莱坞,寻找新的突破。
Stevens has narrated over 30 audiobooks, including Wolf Hall and War Horse. In 2014, he was nominated for two Audie Awards, in the Classic category and Solo Narration (Male) category for Frankenstein.
Outside acting, Stevens maintains an interest in writing and literature and is editor-at-large for The Junket, an online quarterly which he co-founded in 2011 with some friends. He was a member of the judging panel for the 2012 Man Book  er Prize for Fiction, and was a regular columnist for the Sunday Telegraph.

演戏之外,大表哥最爱干的事情就是读书了。迄今为止,他已经录制过30本音频书,还是《星期日电讯报》的专栏作家和在线文学杂志《The Junket》的主编之一。连英国小说界的重量级奖项布克奖都邀请他当评委。
In 2009, Stevens married South African jazz singer and singing teacher Susie Hariet. They met in 2006, when appearing at different theatres in Sheffield. They have a daughter named Willow and a son named Aubrey. Actress Rebecca Hall is godmother to his daughter Willow.
That's all of today, thanks for listening.

1982年出生于伦敦的Dan Stevens出生后不久被一对教师夫妇收养.之后,他靠奖学金上了汤布里奇男校,并在那里开始对表演产生兴趣。接着,Dan Stevens顺利进入剑桥大学伊曼纽尔学院修习英国文学。在剑桥,丹参加了脚灯社。同时,他还在大英国立青年剧院接受演艺培训。大一时丹被Peter Hall爵士选中,与爵士的女儿丽贝卡·豪尔在脚灯戏剧社出品的《麦克白》中同台共演。
毕业之后,踏入影视圈的Dan Stevens,因为出众的古典气质,得到了不少年代剧的青睐。第一次挑大梁担任男主,是在2006年的迷你剧集《美丽曲线》中,扮演一名闯入上流社会的同志青年。2008年,Dan Stevens被BBC相中,出演《理智与情感》中的爱德华一角。
快成为年代剧专业户的Dan Stevens,终于在2009年迎来了事业的一次飞跃,他接演了《唐顿庄园》。这部戏骨荟萃,精致考究的剧集被誉为95《版傲慢与偏见》后最好的一部年代剧,光是重量级的艾美奖和金球奖就拿下了4座。
 2012年的12月25日,《唐顿庄园》播出了第三季得圣诞特辑,这一集令所有“唐顿迷”心碎。剧中第一男主角大表哥马修·克劳利出车祸死亡,永别该剧。作为人气角色,“大表哥”的此番离去令许多人无法接受。这个情节安排和Dan Stevens的决定密切相关,他不再与《唐顿庄园》续约,在2013年将工作重心转向舞台、电影和好莱坞,寻找新的突破。
演戏之外,大表哥最爱干的事儿就是读书了。迄今为止,他已经录制过30本音频书,还是《星期日电讯报》的专栏作家和在线文学杂志《The Junket》的主编之一。连英国小说界的重量级奖项布克奖都邀请他当评委。